Terms of publication Al-Bayan University Journal for Legal Studies and Research

The editorial board of Al-Bayan University Journal for Legal Studies and Research is pleased to accept articles from inside and outside Iraq in the field of legal and political sciences. The journal may not publish research that does not comply with the principles and methodology of scientific research. We list the following as the rules for publishing in the journal within two axes:

The first axis: is formal norms.

 First: Article title: The article title is fixed on the first page, in which the name of the auteur and his place of work are written. When more than

one auteur participates in the research, the names of the participants are mentioned with their full addresses. It is also necessary to mention the biography of the auteur within five lines and a personal photo of the auteur to be presented on a CD.

Second: The body of the research: it is required to print the article on one side of the paper according to (A4) format, with several pages not exceeding (20) pages, provided that the

research is printed according to the appropriate page settings, and the research is summarized in both languages (Arabic and English). The auteur begins with an introduction and ends with a conclusion that includes a summary

of the discussion and conclusions. Third: article footnote

: The footnote should be printed in a clear font size and should be fixed at the end of the research before the sources or references.

Fourth: Copies of the article: The article shall be submitted in two copies, with two copies, along with an electronic copy on a CD, and the plans to be published with it, if any,

provided that the size of each page of the printed research is (18 * 24.5) with equal spaces left on the sides of the page.

Fifth: The journal publishes an article that has not been previously published, and the auteur will be informed of the acceptance of publication within fifteen days from the date of receiving the article.

Sixth: The journal owns the publishing rights for the article, and no other party may re-publish it or even publish its translation except after obtaining the written approval of the editor-in-chief.

Seventh: The journal is not obligated to return the unpublished article.

  Eighth: The auteur bears full legal and social responsibility when extracting, quoting, or exploiting the efforts of others written or published on internet sites without citing from them.

Ninth: The journal shall have the right to publish research according to a plan determined by the editorial board.

Tenth: The researcher shall bear an amount of (100,000) one hundred thousand Iraqi dinars when submitting the research, or (100 US dollars), provided that the amount is returned to him in the event of non-acceptance for publication after deducting the fees of the evaluators.

The second axis: is objective norms.

First: The subject and specialization of the article should be within the scope of the journal.

Second: the introduction fulfills all its elements and requirements (a clear and measurable problem, a prominent hypothesis, a specific methodology, previous studies within the research track, a balanced plan)

Third: The auteur’s objectives should be clear in a way that cannot be interpreted.

Fourth: The article should achieve a qualitative addition in the field of specialization and present positive solutions to the community.

Fifth: The results of the research accurately reflect the researcher’s effort, and the proposals do not deviate from the scientific framework of the article.

Sixth: The achieve balance in terms of form and subject matter is important.

Seventh: It is necessary to take into account the requirements of intellectual integrity and preserving national unity and the supreme societal interest.