Peer Review in Law Journals

To achieve an objective and purposeful review in the journal, the following steps are taken:

First: How are Reviews selected?

Second: The article Arbitration process

  First: Selection of Review

One of the basic tasks of the editorial board is to select reviewers in line with the article's specialty.

The ethical values of the process of selecting a Review are (transparency, impartiality, specialization, confidentiality, and integrity).

Second: The article review process

A precise system is adopted, starting from the point of receiving the article, through the evaluation stage, and ending with approval or rejection for publication.

After receiving the article, it is sent to the reviewers by the editorial board, confidentially, so that the referee does not know the article's name.

What are the expected recommendations after the arbitration process?

  1. Acceptance of the article for publication without making modifications.
  2. Acceptance of the article for publication on the condition that partial or radical modifications are made.
  3. Rejection is an apology for publishing the article, indicating the reason for the rejection

How is the article notified of the arbitration result?

The author is notified by sending him a message via e-mail about the article review results. If it is accepted for publication without modifications or is accepted for publication on the condition that modifications are made, or to apologize for publishing it, the author is asked to make the modifications suggested by the referees, send the article again, and verify that the modifications have been made. However, making amendments is not obligatory. The article can respond to these amendments, but the response must be based on strong scientific evidence mentioned by the author. When the article is accepted for publication, the author receives a statement from the journal that the article has been accepted for publication.

The article goes through careful arbitration and review procedures that take from one and a half to two months until approval is obtained for accepting the article